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Is your home suicide-proof?

This is an EXCITING approach to “normalize” a difficult-to-discuss topic for adults and teens!  

We “child-proof” our homes to prevent an accidental crisis/death and we know various emergency crisis procedures to prevent accidental death:  1) Heimlich Maneuver (for choking), 2) CPR (cardio-respiratory failure) and other first aid responses, 3) home fire escape plans, and 4) 72 hour emergency preparedness kits.  This is what we need to do, as a society, to address  suicide crisis.  Death by suicide may be prevented if we know how to suicide-proof our homes and learn easy first aid crisis interventions.

This interactive website was developed by the Rhode Island Department of Health and their partners with a SAMSHA grant.

Is Your Home Suicide-Proof? Interactive Website Link


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