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Songs that Lift Your Mood and Inspire

Music is powerful…use it wisely.


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Is your home suicide-proof?

This is an EXCITING approach to “normalize” a difficult-to-discuss topic for adults and teens!  

We “child-proof” our homes to prevent an accidental crisis/death and we know various emergency crisis procedures to prevent accidental death:  1) Heimlich Maneuver (for choking), 2) CPR (cardio-respiratory failure) and other first aid responses, 3) home fire escape plans, and 4) 72 hour emergency preparedness kits.  This is what we need to do, as a society, to address  suicide crisis.  Death by suicide may be prevented if we know how to suicide-proof our homes and learn easy first aid crisis interventions.

This interactive website was developed by the Rhode Island Department of Health and their partners with a SAMSHA grant.

Is Your Home Suicide-Proof? Interactive Website Link

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10 Ways to Start a Kindness Revolution!

by Margo Silk Forest

Source:  Ten Ways to Start a Kindness Revolution Link

Remember… We can change the world because we ARE the world.

Here’s my challenge to you–Choose just one action step from the list below and practice it once a day, every day for a week. At the end of the week, take a few minutes to notice the difference in how you feel about yourself and the world. 

For the second week, choose another action step from the list below and add it to your original choice. Practice both actions, once a day, every day for one week. Again, take the time to notice any changes in your attitude about yourself and the world. 

In the third week, add another action step from the list and practice it daily along with the others for one week. This is what it’s going to take to change the world–each one of us choosing to practice acts of kindness, every day, every week, everywhere.

        1. Remember that small acts can have big effects.
        2. Accept the kindness of others.
        3. Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.
        4. Listen, listen, listen—instead of talking about yourself.
        5. When action is called for, act!
        6. Be unstintingly encouraging.
        7. Offer companionship in whatever form it is needed.
        8. Talk about the hard stuff in your life so others will feel able to talk about theirs.
        9. Encourage laughter!
        10. Above all, be kind to yourself.


“10 Ways to Start a Kindness Revolution” Microsoft Word Printable Document

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Watch this amazing video to witness how easy, simple acts of kindness intentionally woven into our everyday lives can bring individual happiness and can transform the communities in which we live…

Kindness Boomerang

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Could have won it and moved on from it…

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  • Observable signs of serious depression:
    Unrelenting low mood
    Anxiety, psychic pain and inner tension
    Sleep problems
  • Increased alcohol and/or other drug use
  • Recent impulsiveness and taking unnecessary risks
  • Threatening suicide or expressing a strong wish to die
  • Making a plan:
    Giving away prized possessions
    Sudden or impulsive purchase of a firearm
    Obtaining other means of killing oneself such as poisons or medications
  • Unexpected rage or anger

Source: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, http://www.afsp.org/index.cfm?page_id=0519ec1a-d73a-8d90-7d2e9e2456182d66.

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